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Team Services

When you have a project that requires a team of people to complete, Isheva Services offering allows you to specify requirements for all members of a project team as a single assignment. With one request, you get a team with the precise mix skills, experience, and personalities it takes to complete the project. And as the single source provider, we offer you consistent rates and process efficiencies, delivering multiple skill sets as smoothly as delivering just one.


Find out how our unique team staffing can help you accomplish your goals.


Staffing Services


Whether you need additional support for a week or a year, we understand you need more than someone with the right technical qualifications – you need a professional you can rely on to take your work as seriously as you do. Understanding your business, your culture, and your needs is our business. We have technical professionals with the industry experience, technical abilities, and soft skills you need ready to go to work for you.


Global Services

Our core expertise in deploying technology makes us the perfect partner to help you expand your bandwidth by taking responsibility to complete discrete projects and components of larger ones. We specialize in the management of the resources, logistics, and tools to implement technology in many areas of IT and communications. So, once your strategy has been defined and you begin planning implementation, you can turn to us to handle all aspects of completing projects and project components.


Workforce Management Services

Start saving you time, resources, and money .We understand your struggle to drive efficiency, compliance, visibility and cost management when it comes to contingent labor and project-based services. You look to external resource providers for the specialized skills and flexibility they offer, but like many companies, you may find that procuring and managing these resource providers consumes more time and money than it should.


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